The app is the most innovative.
It is the only one with intelligent search that allows you to sell and buy a home by putting each announcement in the foreground.
Just write where and how you want your home, for example: penthouse with private garden and app will only show you the ads in the city that you have written and that have the features you have indicated. After your search, you can further filter the displayed ads by adding more keywords or phrases, or by drawing a preference area on the map.
The app also gives you the opportunity to see the schools in the selected area on the map, giving you information about the type of school and gives you the opportunity to click on the link for more information and to enter the school site directly.
You can contact the seller directly or share the ad.
You can also place ads directly from your app and more.
The use of this app is very intuitive and you get to the result without having to click an infinity of times.

iMoobyte S.R.L. Contact Details:
Main address: Via Torquato Tasso 1 24046 Bergamo, Italy
Tel:(+39) 3938355434 , E-mail: info(at)