Immerse yourself in the Disaronno universe with our 360° videos. By using latest-generation technology you will learn the secrets behind a brand with more than 500 years of history.
Insert your smartphone in the VR visor, then let three extraordinary bar specialists guide you on a visit to the places of primary importance to the world’s most popular Italian liqueur.

From legendary origins to features of raw materials, all the way to the factors behind its amazing mixability, here’s a 360° experience for discovering why Disaronno is so original, unique, creative.

360° VIDEOS.
Welcome. Three top bar specialists await you at an exclusive bar so you may enjoy a drink together. They will guide you to the places of the world’s most popular Italian liqueur.
Originality. The legend of the painter and the innkeeper, the origins of the recipe, the early days of the Reina family and a success story dating back to 1525.
Uniqueness. The evolution of the bottle, the liqueur’s principal ingredients, the quality of raw materials and the technology at the basis of a 100% natural taste.
Creativity. From the 1960s to the present, all the secrets behind the product’s versatility, keen insight into the most popular cocktails.

In the app’s Extras section you will find lots of curious info shedding further light on Disaronno and the 360° project. Like a backstage video, all the recipes mentioned during the experience and the interview with Mr. Augusto Reina: fond memories, unique anecdotes and his own particular business vision.

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