Balance is a conquest, a finish line we first cross as children, when we manage to stay upright on our first bike. For the first time, unaided and free.
The bicycle is an extraordinary instrument: when we cycle, we take care of ourselves and our health, rediscover our freedom and reclaim that self-time we so often forgo. As we ride, our everyday worries and negative thoughts are left behind.

By turning the pedals, we find the right rhythm, the right cadence: that of the bike and of life. When pushing uphill or taking on headwinds we find the essence of cycling. The more we pedal the more we learn. The more our enjoyment grows, the less importance suffering holds. Bikevo is all this: an engine of awareness, an instrument to diffuse best practices in cycling, here to help you develop as a rider and enrich your enjoyment and satisfaction on the bike.

Bikevo is the result of the cooperation between champion professional cyclists, and experts in new digital technologies.

Bikevo’s objective is to share, also through its blog, internationally the know-how of professional athletes with cycling amateurs, linking it with digital technology, and to increase the enjoyment and performance of all cycling amateurs.

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